High-Quality Kosher Poultry and Meat, Direct and Reliable Service, Swift and Available Throughout Europe

The Rabbinical Centre of Europe is proud to present Euro Glatt – the new European brand specializing in marketing Mehadrin Glatt ChalakLubavitch Shechita meat and poultry tailored for the Jewish communities across Europe. Founded in 2023, the brand aims to provide consumer in Europe with high-quality Mehadrin Glatt Chalak meat and poultry under excellent kashrut standards.

The Rabbinical Centre of Europe is committed to ensure the supply of excellent quality kosher meat at fair prices to Jewish communities across Europe. To achieve this, the RCE conducted comprehensive inspections and invested considerable efforts to bring the best team of experienced, and skilled shochtim Yirei Shamayim, along with the most refined and advanced facility. The distribution of high-quality and kosher meat is exclusively reserved for retailers of Jewish communities, schools, Jewish centers, Chabad houses, and kosher institutions throughout Europe.

The Euro Glatt brand is under the strict supervision of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe’s Vaad Hashchita led by Rabbi Levy Yitzchak Kahn Member of the Lubavitch Beis Din – Paris, Rabbi Eliezer Lieber Schneebalg Av Beis Din of ‘Machzikei Hadas’ – Edgware, and Rabbi Yaakov David Schmahl Dayan of the Shomrei Hadas community of Antwerp. Euro Glatt adheres to the highest standards of kashrut from shechita to packaging and shipping, with meticulous oversight by qualified Mashgichim Yirei Shamayim. Our premium meat is certified by the European Kosher organization.

Our customer service is dedicated to ensuring that your orders are processed promptly and efficiently throughout Europe, backed by all necessary approvals.

If you’re looking for kosher and quality meat and poultry, Euro Glatt is the best choice for you.

Hurry and place your order now! We are confident you will enjoy excellent quality and premium kashrut!